team-2015.jpgThe Spartan Battalion's Pathfinders was established as an Orienteering Club at Michigan State University in 1987. Over the years, it has branched out to cover more diverse training. The Pathfinders meet each Wednesday and its charter provides for the development of members' individual land navigation skills and leadership abilities. In addition to land navigation, Spartan Battalion Cadets who become Pathfinders also train in topics such as: infantry tactics, rappelling, first aid and helicopter operations. The training provides Spartan Pathfinders with numerous opportunities to develop leadership skills and lead fellow Cadets in the execution of training.

The Pathfinders also endeavors to provide an environment for the development of a high level of physical fitness among its members. The Michigan State University Army ROTC Spartan Battalion recognizes the importance of well-developed land navigation skills and strong leadership to the success of the Soldier in combat. The Spartan Pathfinders provide an enthusiastic group of Cadets who not only learn more and develop themselves, but also encourage other members of the Spartan Battalion to do the same. The Spartan Pathfinders have provided a large number of highly ranked Cadets who have served in important leadership positions within the Spartan Battalion, such as battalion commander, company commander and command sergeant major. These same Cadets have gone on to successful military careers as commissioned officers in the United States Army.