Color Guard

The Spartan Battalion's Color Guard is a unique extracurricular group in Michigan State University’s (MSU) Army ROTC Program. Its mission is to “execute professionalism and be the face of the Michigan State University Army ROTC Program.” It is comprised of highly motivated Cadets who want to contribute more to the Spartan Battalion and become highly trained in drill and ceremony. Since it became a formalized organization several years ago with a centralized command structure, the Color Guard has achieved high prestige within the ranks of the Spartan Battalion and the university. Cadets who participate in the Spartan Battalion Color Guard have the special opportunity to play a central role in many events such as the annual Homecoming Parade, Veterans Day Ceremonies, the annual MSU ROTC Military Ball and multiple home NCAA sporting events for football, men’s and women’s basketball, ice hockey and others. Cadets train hard every week in order to carry out their missions in an organized, professional manner in any location at any time. The Color Guard’s role is highly crucial in all these events and are complimentary to the MSU Marching Band in honoring America with the “Star Spangled Banner.”

Cadets who choose to join this exciting club commit several hours weekly to rehearsals for upcoming events while maintaining their status as full-time students and Cadets. Participation in 4 events is required to earn the Color Guard ribbon and participation in 7 events is required for the distinguished white Color Guard Chord. Other great incentives include tickets to MSU sporting events, and the opportunity to meet many MSU legends, such as MSU football coach Mel Tucker, men’s basketball coach Tom Izzo, and MSU and NBA stars Draymond Green and Magic Johnson. The Spartan Battalion Color Guard has also been featured on ESPN’s national broadcasts and has witnessed some of the greatest games in recent MSU athletic history.